You need to go beyond those barriers,

Which threshold your enthusiasm

To progress ahead with the urge,

Excusing of some obsolete fears,

When last time you ceased

To reach where you wished,

The same happens not always,

Provokes to try once again,

Transforming your reluctance

To not proceed into perseverance

Of investing efforts one more time,

Finally, carving your successful way

Towards destiny, eliminating wasteful

Scary thoughts limiting to darkness.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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Happy Living!❤

P.S.- Never be afraid, the world totally belongs to you.


A graceful smile on face,

The elegance that eyes chase,

Creating a nice impression on heart,

Just like a part of beautiful art.

A reason strives behind it, you need

To reflect a good acceptable deed,

Over the cruelty, one has to win,

As the soul beautifies from within.

While sharing amplifies it more,

Within yourself, no need to store,

As life progresses in a flow,

You already know how to glow.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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Happy Living!❤


Do me a favour, don’t lie,

If you want, stay by my side,

For a stay, be forever or never,

As for life, it’s real, not running away,

Rather it’s you to come and go away,

Where, nowhere, somewhere,

I wish it was know where,

Tired of the people, I chose me,

Now again, I wanna fade away,

In the loving words, bare paper,

Don’t be pitty on me, I’m enough,

Don’t take names, just be real and true,

With me or without, no matter,

If you want, go complete yourself,

Don’t keep on rushing in and going out,

And no complaints at all, should never be,

No hope with you, being one’s own sunshine…

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

Thanks for Reading. Have a Nice Day.

Happy Living!❤


Just in front of my vision,

Someone may be too distant,

It’s detachment, I fail to perceive

For the miles existing in between.

The adorable spectacular eyes,

Within it, I feel like drowning,

Still, the abyss beyond my reach,

For the secrets, it’s been lurking.

A familiar face I am not tired of

It’s been a lot like a mask though,

I couldn’t just stop seeking

For the reality I am away from.

I believe I see a part of creation,

Far beyond the concepts of life,

It’s the soul that remains exotic,

For it marks the existence.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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Happy Living!❤

Windows to Soul

If something seems to be beautiful, the one reason lies in your eyes itself which is barely an optical instrument for science but, a literary jewel to those who write.

The eyes which every writer admire,

Bear the forever shine of happiness,

Reflecting the presence of desire,

Countless of a heart’s belongingness.

The eyes have gone through the dark,

There’s nothing more to scare them,

As they cross milestones and mark,

For they own in memento, the diadem.

The eyes in deep impression never forget

The time to shed old ordeals when it rains,

Slowly, they learn, move on and reject,

The thought which sometimes pains.

Those who hide the feelings deep,

There’s the charms of eyes to betray,

Bring out the windows to peep,

Visualizing feelings they portray.

Whatever things around they let us see

To which nothing inflicts limits,

Things become out of sight as they flee,

The wonderful gifts nature permits.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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Happy Living!❤


The memoirs of a loving heart,

Deeply reflected from moments of joy,

Created in charms of blessed fate,

Committed to deeply love each other,

Like the sounds of rhythmic heart beats,

The mesmerizing fragrance of soft petals,

Powerful music removing melancholy,

Indivisible distinct existence, yet united,

And what more devoted love could be,

Two people, two hearts, one reflection.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

Thanks for reading. Have a Nice Day.

Happy Living!❤