You need to go beyond those barriers,

Which threshold your enthusiasm

To progress ahead with the urge,

Excusing of some obsolete fears,

When last time you ceased

To reach where you wished,

The same happens not always,

Provokes to try once again,

Transforming your reluctance

To not proceed into perseverance

Of investing efforts one more time,

Finally, carving your successful way

Towards destiny, eliminating wasteful

Scary thoughts limiting to darkness.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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Happy Living!❤

P.S.- Never be afraid, the world totally belongs to you.


Do me a favour, don’t lie,

If you want, stay by my side,

For a stay, be forever or never,

As for life, it’s real, not running away,

Rather it’s you to come and go away,

Where, nowhere, somewhere,

I wish it was know where,

Tired of the people, I chose me,

Now again, I wanna fade away,

In the loving words, bare paper,

Don’t be pitty on me, I’m enough,

Don’t take names, just be real and true,

With me or without, no matter,

If you want, go complete yourself,

Don’t keep on rushing in and going out,

And no complaints at all, should never be,

No hope with you, being one’s own sunshine…

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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Happy Living!❤


The memoirs of a loving heart,

Deeply reflected from moments of joy,

Created in charms of blessed fate,

Committed to deeply love each other,

Like the sounds of rhythmic heart beats,

The mesmerizing fragrance of soft petals,

Powerful music removing melancholy,

Indivisible distinct existence, yet united,

And what more devoted love could be,

Two people, two hearts, one reflection.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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Happy Living!❤

Two Roads

I have an intriguing story to narrate,
Confronting the two roads I had to hesitate,
As it was abruptly a very uncertain time,
Between the two choices, I had to choose mine.

It was the first time, I was in confusion
I could land myself in the illusion
Or what if I mistook the way before I reach
But, at least something the choice would teach.

It was a significant wish from my heart,
To just go for a new exhilarating start,
The same morning enthusiasm filled me
And that’s life and why not I should be.

I chose to write the notions of my wish,
Some good while some not, I made new dish,
Instead of the burdensome mind inside,
By putting down, I picked a bright side.
©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi)

Thanks for connecting, reading and encouraging.

Choose Yourself

Uncover the comfort within yourself,
Credit yourself for who you are,
Don’t neglect the one with you,
Advance wherever you want,
Transform your choices
Into the remarkable steps,
It’s fair to feel low sometimes,
Don’t blow off the rays of hope,
Let your kindness not fade away
Praise the beautiful way,
That you choose to traverse,
Don’t change yourself
If it doesn’t make you better.
©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

Thanks for connecting, reading and encouraging. Happy Living!❤


You read between the lines

The poem in front of you

What you see is complete

But, there are missing words

The ones which I had erased and

Replaced them with better ones,

Have they left sensations behind,

That enhanced the flow of emotions,

Have they found their place,

On some other pages around.

©️Aditi Anvita(Anvi)

Sonnet- Spring and Love

Here’s my first attempt on sonnet.

As spring arrives in, it’s all that blooms,

The birds chirp sweeter, amongst the trees,

As so are your thoughts like the fumes,

That I love to breathe, mixed in the breeze.

Like manifestation of buds, earlier apart

Embellishing an empty longing valley.

The fortunate perfect time of start,

And that when met we and been ally.

It appears and departs in a cycle of time,

Taking away the charms it’s desolation,

I carry your notable traces like of mine,

And I certainly write to you in admiration.

You are not only limited to spring,

Rather the pools of happiness you bring.

Hope you liked the poem.

Thank you for Reading.

Have a Nice Day.

Happy Living!!❤