Could you ever imagine your day without your family??? The answer is no!!! We can’t…As the food is to a body, the family is to life.

The family is something which makes life even more fascinating. Being surrounded by people who would be always on your side, no matter how worse is the situation is one of the best feelings. Love in a family is so pure and their unity distracts away from the evils, I mean cruelty, dishonesty, jealousy etc.
However, not only the blood relation creates a family but, every individual of this world completes a family. But, another thing is that some people will never understand this.

Here’s a little poem on family:
When you have family around,
It’s life with good sound,
Feeling, how strongly bound,
A worthy life you found.

Together, every time we make it,
Hurdles around, go through it,
You shed tears they wipe it,
Laughter, you go for it.

We shine like a sun,
Get all the wishes done,
And lonely?? Its none,
Always we have fun.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.

Happy Living!!❤

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