Two Roads

I have an intriguing story to narrate,

Confronting the two roads I had to hesitate,

As it was abruptly a very uncertain time,

Between the two choices, I had to choose mine.

It was the first time, I was in confusion

I could land myself in the illusion

Or what if I mistook the way before I reach

But, at least something the choice would teach.

It was a significant wish from my heart,

To just go for a new exhilarating start,

The same morning enthusiasm filled me

And that’s life and why not I should be.

I chose to write the notions of my wish,

Some good while some not, I made new dish,

Instead of the burdensome mind inside,

By putting down, I picked a bright side.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

Thanks for Reading. Have a Nice Day.

Happy Living!❤

P.S.- We all have poetry inside and we all can write.

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