Source- Pexels

The ultimate ineffable creator,

So, its analogous creations

Coloured with nothing static,

With the ephemeral moment

In transition.

Gray hues at dawn transform

To radiantly glowing horizon,

Altered when arrives evenfall

Then, contrasting flickering night sky

In appreciation.

They drench the thirst of Earth,

The blue ocean bliss of the whales,

Blush the stars on their reflection,

Look precisely through crystal waterfall

In realization.

Similarly mortal beings show and hide,

Emotions residing in heart

Through faces of showcase,

One doesn’t realise what’s inside

In confusion.

Who appreciates not charms of

Canvas of colours

Periodically visual illusion,

What humans convey

In manipulation.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

Thanks for Reading. Have a Nice Day.

Happy Living!❤

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