Him in the Veil

One clear evenfall, on way back to home,
She speculated a dark figure around.

She felt tiresome or it was real,
She moved her steps towards it.

As she advanced,
The shape walked ahead too.

Everything was not a clear vision,
It appeared intriguing.

Finding it difficult to not follow,
She determined to check that fellow.

Few minutes later, it became static
And crouched itself on a tree trunk.

Besides the unknown figure,
She sat down fixing her eyes on it.

He appeared peculiar,
He wore a veil on his invisible face.

“It’s your turn today to rewind past”
A male voice uttered in the silence.

“What should I tell you and why?”
The curious woman questioned him.

“I am your close acquaintance,
for one last talk, will fade away in dark”

He firmly asserted the puzzled face
so that she could trust him.

“I just survived an ordinary life
And dedicated to my family.

Following the norms, they told me
Since, my childhood.

Forced to live within some limits,
As world seemed too unsafe to be free.

Waiting for a day, I could move out
Into the world of my dreams.

Breaking the chains of society
Which suppressed me”

The veiled figure laughed out loud,
“You could do anything from now”

Till then she didn’t know his name,
Folks called him time.

She became as light as air, no blood and flesh, Leaving behind luminescence, she vanished.

Her notions lingered inside unsaid,
And lived an incomplete life.

Living into the fears, she reached
The last moment of her existence.

Since the evening, she wasn’t alive,
Her soul was exiting the Earth.

Time, universal and limited for all,
She persisted her life span and left.

The clock, it waited for none
Just continued in its flow.

Speculating birth of living beings
And then, engulfing everything.

His one message for every woman,
“Queen!! Start living from now”.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

Thank you for connecting with my blog and encouraging me to write more.

Would love to get your feedback.

Happy Living!❤

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