Quotes- 1

Today, I am sharing some of my quotes with you.

Be like the sun, shine even when alone and by sharing glitters of your goodness make others shine too. Don’t get intimidated by dark clouds because it’s season of life one thrives through – Anvi.
Take the witness of the sun for the presence of stars not because it is its presence which hides them all but, it’s about different ways they live even being the stars- Anvi.
It’s true that no one is perfectly selfless but, making someone smile without expecting anything whenever one gets the chance adds greatest worth to life- Anvi.
Maybe everything does not moves towards the end but, they proceed to a new beginning- Anvi.
Once when I was helplessly sitting at a deserted spot, hope came to me and whispered that other way was hiding somewhere- Anvi.
You can have thousand reasons to hate someone but, you can still choose to love. It’s not the reason rather it’s choice which matters.

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Happy Living!❤

2 thoughts on “Quotes- 1

  1. I love this post!!! So well done, my favorite quote is that first one about the sun!!!! Keep the quotes coming, they are awesome!!!! Hugs and love 🖤🤗

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