Quotes- 2

More in quotes series.

The ether and the millions of stars, they shine as they enchant your beauty, whom else you are waiting for- Anvi.
Your heart worth feelings of gratitude, kindness and love. Your mind worth good memories. Your life worth reasonable deeds. You worth what makes you better and that’s completely your choice but, you shouldn’t end up damaging worth of others- Anvi.
Life is not about pondering over the past rather it’s all about endeavoring our level best to create moments as per our wishes and expectations- Anvi.
Life is best lived when one has smiles to share, goals to achieve , gratitude to show and kindness to bear- Anvi.
More challenges you face, more experienced you become. More smiles you share, happier you become. More goodness you have, more peaceful you become. More you share, better you become- Anvi.
Away from pride, I am learning to live more. Away from hatred, I am trying to love more. Away from distrust, I am trusting myself more. Away from comparison, I am thinking everything is more- Anvi.

I hope you liked the quotes. Thank you for connecting with my blog and encouraging me to write more.

Happy Living!❤

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