Living for Purpose

Awakening from dreamy fantasies,
Equal to departing birds from their nest
When prime rays of sun wake up Earth.

Towards exploration of world,
Voyaging out of customary dwelling,
For explicit proficient life.

Forging purpose of composure,
Innumerable entities subsisted
Just exceptional brought in unique.

Pitching a plausible promising goal,
Actions parallel to specific endeavour,
A journey worth traversing through.

Determination of particular direction,
Advancing tenacious spirit,
An arrow shot halts only at aim.

What else signifies living,
When scant nature nurtures all,
One has to opt from diverging routes.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

Thank you for connecting with my blog and encouraging me to write more.

Would love to get your feedback.

Happy Living!❀

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