One liners

Heart in 4 Words

Universal Abode of Peace

Opportunity in 4 Words

Time to implement efforts.

Anger in 4 Words

Enemy residing within us.

Home in 4 Words

Here everything becomes easy.

Darkness in 5 Words

Any hindrance to favourable prospect.

Kindness in 5 Words

You can count on me.

Hope in 5 Words

The other way is there.

Night in 5 Words

Silence chatters about the day.

Love in 5 Words

Delightful immortal feelings of heart.

Peace in 6 Words

When instinct feels clear and precise.

Music in 6 Words

Sense my thoughts spinning on beats.

Memories in 6 Words

Alive in heart, moments of past.

Wait in 7 Words

I hope you appear with next knock.

Achievement in 7 Words

Ultimate possessions that efforts crave to have.

Love in 7 Words

Feel me close to yourself in hardships.

8 Words Prediction

Lessons and experience will enhance value of life.

Thank you for connecting with my blog and encouraging me to write more.

Happy Living!❤

Would love to know your thoughts on these one-liners.

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