Alone lover, crouched to recall memories,
Breaking chaotic silences, a figure approached,
Astonished and joyously he recognized her,
“Wouldn’t you embrace me?”echoes around,
He moved ahead spreading his arms,
And realises it was a flashback from past
He felt deceived, couldn’t they be together?
“We were destined to meet”, she said one day.

Vibrant waves and shore had witnessed
The words of wrath and shattered love,
The guilt of mistake and tears of detachment
Poured from the heart to moisten eyes,
Rolling down the cheeks they vanished in sand,
Couldn’t he undermine the weight of her dreams
And be the another wing which she wants now?
©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

Why to bear anger, estrangement and toxicity for loved ones, it’s better to start spreading love all around before our actions become guilt?

Thanks for connecting with my blog and encouraging me to write more.

Happy Living!❤

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