The Persona

Amazing buildup of affection,
She is an iconic vigor,
Competes with bitter world,
To affirm her existence.

Owns the wings of courage,
Aspires to touch horizon,
Smashes stereotypes,
Eludes the cage of society.

Compiling memoirs of ordeals,
Blazes her woes away,
Reflects gracious smile,
And utters words in appraisal.

Illustrates a glorious extent,
Prompting decisive impulses,
Attempts to fortify her pals
Towards their prospects.
©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

Thanks for connecting with my blog and encouraging me to write more.
Would love to get your feedback.

Happy Living!❤

9 thoughts on “The Persona

  1. It’s a nicely done poem. One point of feedback (you can ignore it if you don’t want it), “molds smile on her lips” conjures an image of mold (bread mold versus mold like to shape). Otherwise the other lines work well.

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