Quotes- 16

She is surely kind and loving but, this doesn’t make her fragile. She is powerful and courageous enough to fight for herself and her community whenever needed– Anvi.
Nature created her most lovingly to enhance its beauty. Do not create your own inappropriate beauty standards to lower her self confidence–Anvi.
Let her achieve the vast sky of goals through wings of courage. Do not cage her in stereotypes to limit he potential. She worth living– Anvi.
Respect is the greatest possession that one can have for women– Anvi
You would never know how she went through her ordeals, at least listen to her, maybe a little of your empathy could make you feel her pain– Anvi
Provide equal opportunities, create a safe social abode for women and speculate how nation progresses at a better rate– Anvi
She smiles like a blooming bud, enhances the beauty of nature. She has the fire which destroys fear– Anvi

I hope you liked the quotes. Thanks for connecting, reading and encouraging.

Happy Living!❤

16 thoughts on “Quotes- 16

  1. Amazing quotes, as always!!!! I absolutely love these, dear Anvi!! Especially the last one, it’s perfect and beautifully said!! You have a gift, my friend 🤗🖤

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  2. Hey there!!! I’m just checking in to let you know I nominated you for The Aesthete Blogger Award. You absolutely deserve it! No worries if your site is award free, just wanted to share your beautiful work and how much I appreciate you!!!! Much love, my friend 🖤🤗 -Ace

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