The Pact

A familiar dream invades a sweet sleep,
Amidst faded vision, I gaze at a face,
His presence is like magic of an angel,
And his voice is the softest lullaby,
Soon the amusing scenario retreats.

I locate someone who could assist me,
The sky speculates and remains awake,
I pact with the stars to track that face
Before it tiptoes to exit again,
I promise to write a poem for them.
©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

Thanks for connecting, reading and encouraging. Waiting for your feedback.

Happy Living!❤

P.S.- I have a special happiness in sharing this poem as it is a lot different from the other ones.

11 thoughts on “The Pact

  1. 😍🤩🤩that’s a great piece my friend. The way how you have captured that scene in this poem…that’s remarkable.
    Really liked it thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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