Feelings of Love

A Rhyme Poetry

True sentiments, not confined to promises
Till the supreme minute ceases to exist
Not the memoirs, which follow novices
In unrivaled hearts, emotions persist.

Togetherness is not limited to intent,
Analogous to greed that rarely refrains,
Guiding crucial steps at the time of ascent
It embraces and undermines the pain.

There’s showering in innocuous hearts,
They accelerate like intense flames
The agony of a shady past departs
There flourish unique immortal names.

The ardent quest of life for honesty
Fetches the feelings of modesty.
©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi)

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13 thoughts on “Feelings of Love

  1. I liked it very much. One sincere request though, write more of these long expressing poems rather than haiku. Personally, sometimes i feel haiku is more hyped and gibberish. A suggestion only.I like traditional ones.


    • Thank you for expressing your thoughts. I love listening to the suggestions of readers.

      Haiku is also one of the traditional forms of poetry.

      Your negative view for Haiku indicates that you haven’t yet read the masterpieces, written by great poets!!

      The true beauty of words lies in the way you perceive their meaning.

      Still, I will try to post more free verse and rhyme poems.


      • On the contrary, i have gone through a lot of haiku and know the history & tradition. But simply I don’t like it that much as compared to proper ones. Of course, I respect haiku and its poets. But the fact that I don’t hide my feelings in any subject sometimes perceived as sign of ignorance, which bothers me. Hope this clears the air. No hard feelings! I like your free verse,way better than the haiku.

        Still I will follow your posts and the fun fact is sometimes my father , who is a renowned poet in odia, goes through ur poems and admire your work!

        Have a nice day and keep posting!


        • I am thankful to you for your views and support.

          I am just learning to write Haiku so I just didn’t want you to judge that form based on my naive writings, as they may not be strictly Haiku.

          I am happy to know about your father and feeling encouraged that by the fact that he likes some of my poems.

          It’s so nice to talk with you. Happy Blogging!!

          My warm wishes to you and your father. I would have loved to read his poetry if I knew the Odiya language.


          • This unnecessary mess started with my disparaging wording about an art form. On retrospect, I am sorry. But still I don’t like this form of poetry to be honest.

            I am not judging anything from your writing. Before starting blogging finally, I was and I am an avid reader.So my opinion on this form of poetry is pretty much same before I started reading yours.May be I know this haiku since 2-3 years.


            Anyway, further on , I will refrain from commenting or suggesting anything.

            Its ur post, better write what’s relevant to you and what satiate your creative hunger.


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