Short Writeups- 10

Hope never dies, it’s a shadow that never vanishes in dark, and remains with life–Anvi.
Getting hurt
Hurting others
Cycle continues,
Be the chain breaker.
Uncertainty envelops the life
One’s willing to dream and thrive
Challenges the difficult trails.

Short Writeups- 9

The winds of happiness blow from you,
Often knock at the core of my heart,
While we are still at the two poles.
Love flourishes again,
The heart adores rainbow,
As vanishes the ebony clouds.
I welcomes you once,
In the home of my heart,
Now it holds your name,
At the entrance.

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Short writeups- 8

Love is miraculous
Walking together
They found way
Out of the thunderstorms.
Upcoming moments
With mystery boxes,
Life is curious.
Life counts on blazing courage
Darkness is afraid

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Right from the beginning of this blog, I have been supported by a lot of extraordinary bloggers like you all.

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I thank you all for your engagements in the form of appreciation and constructive feedback. You all have been a great source of encouragement and, I feel so good that I started this blog.

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Short Write-ups 6

One finds it difficult to confess
Someone’s smile becomes own bliss
Finding a believer of feelings,
And a companion for life,
Heart advances towards its love
Faith thrives in the approach.
Scribbling seems easier,
So is to fall for someone.
To flow with the poem,
To advance with love,
One sets emotions free
to choose a medium.
Beautifies a life,
Creates memories
The feelings live forever,
Incomplete routes convey
Love is rarely destined.

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Short Write-ups 5

Tears rolled down her cheeks,
thinking that the universe observes
and performs miracles.
The stars become silent
To amplify her inner chaos,
And be a keen listener
Distance is in dismay.
As her voice lowers
The tears come out,
Soon, the agony fades,
A warrior awakes inside.

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Short Write-ups 4

Butterflies of joy
Chases her heart,
Fragrance of affection,
The sweetest nectar.
Her lovely pals saplings,
books and coffee,
In monotonous moments
They make her jolly.
She revolves around
Surprises of her life,
And senses the seasons.
Her adorable composure
Amplifies the blooms,
Wicked approach,
Isn’t spared by thorns.

Thanks for connecting, reading and encouraging. Happy Living!