Lagging Humans

The exhausting scorching sun
The beings expect cooling shade,
May the humble trees show up.

The sky drizzles for long,
Puddles of mud emerge around
Hope the weather gets well soon.

Circumstances alter suddenly,
One has to change frequently
The cycle continues.

The time expects acceptance
Nature preaches adaptability
Where’re the humans lagging!
©Aditi Anvita(Anvi)

Thanks for connecting, reading and encouraging.

Nature’s Elegance

Pines laden with pristine snow,
The sunbeams are fascinated,
They dance over the surface,
Chant their favourite lyrics
As the beauty melts in love.

Greatly cheerful echoes induce
Voices, known and unknown
From the middle of woods,
Alarm clocks of beings ring,
Embarks a delightful day.

The morning breeze caresses
The tenderness of skin,
Old torn specks fly away,
New ones spread their arms,
In spirit, cherishing serenity.

The words are exciting,
They flow with fresh wind,
Embracing the atmosphere,
Elegances of nature,
Protrude out a poem.
©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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Happy Living!❤