Quotes- 24

Incomplete stories are the pieces of a puzzle that one cannot solve even after having the clues– Anvi
Goodbyes are often full of ways for new connections and opportunities for understanding oneself– Anvi
Some stories are dull of adventure and fun, suppressing the gloomy scenarios, they evoke positive attitude for life– Anvi
I can’t stay away from the aspect of life having the voids still exploring their purposes to absorb something worth retaining– Anvi

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Quotes- 23

They keep on finding flaws in others until they don’t find one in themselves–Anvi
Some stories do not have heroes or villains, they are just the different routes of finding oneself–Anvi
Hope is that window which is always accessible to life but not everyone notices it–Anvi.

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Quotes -22

Life is a mirror that one glances at to identify themselves, accepting the patches of mistakes that fetched shining bright changes.

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Quotes- 21

Let the broken heart heal at its pace, forcefully imposing feelings will cause harm.
It’s the love, which breaks down the walls of ego to let one see feelings in clarity.
The book of my life is incomplete without the chapter, which includes you.
Love is a thorn that scares betrayal, it’s a tendril that supports life.

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Quotes- 20

Looking at myself in the mirror, I wonder why they couldn’t see the qualities that one bears instead of pointing out the flaws in appearance.
If you gossip on the life of other people, you would never know about the difficulty of their journey and never learn treasures from them.
No one’s life has been easy, they just learned to live with resilience in hardships.

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Quotes- 19

One needs to thrive in crowd to bring out the inner self.
Sometimes, the story characters are much relatable to one’s life, and they expect a happy ending for their contentment.
In the end, you only realize that life gets easier when, the people around want the best of you.

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Quotes- 18

Love is a string which connects two hearts, only if there’s the willingness to embrace one of the ends.
Indelibly magical is the surge of uplifting emotions that a single glimpse of loved ones creates.
When the heart opens its windows, enormous love enters in for every speck of hatred moving out.
There’s a funny thing about love, it is mostly likely to greet you in loneliness and also it leaves you alone.
Your goodbye is like the setting sun, I know you have to return.
When I first saw you, I sensed that my heart has has got complementing heartbeats. Now that recalling you makes me feel so empty, I wish if I could forget that glimpse.

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Quotes- 17

Peace alleviates when it’s arduous to overcome the entangled thoughts undermining our thinking capacity.
When nothing favourable happens, there’s something out of sight to be taken into account.
Misunderstandings are the thorns because of which we fail to approach the blossoms of true emotions.
Believe in yourself there’s no better alternative, create a life that you yearn for and be strong enough to endorse what’s right.
Countless of life supporting spheres would be present in the universe. One day we will succeed in inhabiting one of them meanwhile, we need to protect the suffocating humanity.
The stories that we craft are the manifestations of reality to be comprehended by readers.

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Quotes- 16

She is surely kind and loving but, this doesn’t make her fragile. She is powerful and courageous enough to fight for herself and her community whenever needed– Anvi.
Nature created her most lovingly to enhance its beauty. Do not create your own inappropriate beauty standards to lower her self confidence–Anvi.
Let her achieve the vast sky of goals through wings of courage. Do not cage her in stereotypes to limit he potential. She worth living– Anvi.
Respect is the greatest possession that one can have for women– Anvi
You would never know how she went through her ordeals, at least listen to her, maybe a little of your empathy could make you feel her pain– Anvi
Provide equal opportunities, create a safe social abode for women and speculate how nation progresses at a better rate– Anvi
She smiles like a blooming bud, enhances the beauty of nature. She has the fire which destroys fear– Anvi

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Quotes- 15

Eliminate envy, explore encouragement.
Gently grow generosity
Inspirations ignite ideal intentions.
Minimize manmade machines mistreating mother-earth.
Own (Not force) optimistic opinions
Tough times teach thoroughly
Visualize vibrant vibes

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