We have miles to go,

And you standing still,

A way, our promises show

Didn’t you want to fulfill?

Some key answers I ask for,

I receive silence in reply,

And become ignored more,

What does intuitions imply?

Numerous steps, we laid-back,

That togetherness not around,

Now, have we lost the track?

And nothing else could be found.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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Stranger faces, alliances start,

Lies could not win heart,

Empathy has to evaporate,

Why one meets to separate!

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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Healing Mind

A turmoil you may feel,

Feeding on you with zeal,

Finally, to make you a meal,

To avoid it now, start to heal.

You, the one, choice of your fate,

You will come out, don’t be a bait,

It’s difficult, don’t start to hate,

Till you last breathe just create.

It may be a reckless mind,

To make it better, just be kind,

Aim right and forward then bind,

Let the unwanted past dwell behind.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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A graceful smile on face,

The elegance that eyes chase,

Creating a nice impression on heart,

Just like a part of beautiful art.

A reason strives behind it, you need

To reflect a good acceptable deed,

Over the cruelty, one has to win,

As the soul beautifies from within.

While sharing amplifies it more,

Within yourself, no need to store,

As life progresses in a flow,

You already know how to glow.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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When I just say that the most criticized thing is what?? Well!! There are many answers according to the way we think and that is a beautiful thing as opinions are different that’s why they matter.

I believe that truth is something which is most opposed at first but, when it is proved one has to accept. Be it a revolution for social change, it has to meet criticism but, when true facts and incidents are brought in front of the world we meet a change through the truth.

When too many people oppose someone for a fact, unknown and not proved, the truth slaps those liars and manipulators so hard!!!

When you have mistakenly believe in someone’s false poisonous thoughts and visions then also truth saves you…

And atleast one time in our life we would have experienced our encounter with truth amidst some lies…

However, truth is bitter and quite difficult to accept but, nothing’s impossible.

When you don’t accept it

Saying it hurts, you can’t bear,

It’s a waste of time know it,

It is a thing of wisdom, not fear,

The quicker you accept, the better,

You move, decide and aim,

The truth, a crucial matter,

To turn away is a shame,

It fights many unacceptable criticism,

But, it never bothers and makes its way

Towards a civilized humanism,

Through struggles when it’s a day

That’s where the cowards die,

Under the huge piles of truth,

And the obsession that they lie

Shouldn’t manipulate youth.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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P.S.- Still we know nothing and most of the truth may be hiding in lack of our proficiency.


The same dream attains a sweet sleep,

The same face I catch but, quite faded

A graceful smile creating sentiments deep,

The true words and my heart invaded.

Sometimes it seems to be known,

Always near as if it never go away,

The little glance again blown,

Out of my fantasies making its way.

It’s a new morning marking new day,

And I feel myself to be disapponted clown,

Over the face, I never know what to say,

As always an adorable dream I am shown.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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P.S.- A modified version of my another poem.

Windows to Soul

If something seems to be beautiful, the one reason lies in your eyes itself which is barely an optical instrument for science but, a literary jewel to those who write.

The eyes which every writer admire,

Bear the forever shine of happiness,

Reflecting the presence of desire,

Countless of a heart’s belongingness.

The eyes have gone through the dark,

There’s nothing more to scare them,

As they cross milestones and mark,

For they own in memento, the diadem.

The eyes in deep impression never forget

The time to shed old ordeals when it rains,

Slowly, they learn, move on and reject,

The thought which sometimes pains.

Those who hide the feelings deep,

There’s the charms of eyes to betray,

Bring out the windows to peep,

Visualizing feelings they portray.

Whatever things around they let us see

To which nothing inflicts limits,

Things become out of sight as they flee,

The wonderful gifts nature permits.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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Two Roads

I have an intriguing story to narrate,

Confronting the two roads I had to hesitate,

As it was abruptly a very uncertain time,

Between the two choices, I had to choose mine.

It was the first time, I was in confusion

I could land myself in the illusion

Or what if I mistook the way before I reach

But, at least something the choice would teach.

It was a significant wish from my heart,

To just go for a new exhilarating start,

The same morning enthusiasm filled me

And that’s life and why not I should be.

I chose to write the notions of my wish,

Some good while some not, I made new dish,

Instead of the burdensome mind inside,

By putting down, I picked a bright side.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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P.S.- We all have poetry inside and we all can write.


As you are moving towards your respective goals, let me remind you that the negative thoughts never affect your journey.

I have a free and boundless mind

From the chains of thoughts pulling behind,

The dark past making way difficult to find,

I have no reasons for it to rewind.

I also do not wish to own,

Ever changing faces not known,

The manipulative feelings not shown,

And the true relations not grown.

The way I think, it never leads

To the greedy illusioned needs,

Against the goodness which feeds,

A kind of evil manifested seeds.

I believe that wherever I go,

A brighter part I have to show,

As the inspiring thoughts glow,

Through passing time, it flow.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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Sea Waves

The enormous energetic waves make way,

Washing the sparkling shore of sand,

And I stand still watching them go away,

As busy feeling water surface with hand.

They come and leave thus, playing willingly

Through their tricks, not static as they flow,

Quiet there, it’s me enjoying lovingly,

In a good time, they make my face glow.

Completely lost in beauty of waves,

I feel like brewed with the good notions,

For their constant view, my heart craves,

And not want to forget those emotions.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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