Stop Child Labour

As the day begins we are on our phones as usual. Talking to people, reacting on photos, laughing on memes, many more to count. There is an enormous number of children who would be out for work at such a little age for daily food needs.💔💔

Child labour is one of those social evils which is destroying the childhood of millions of little children. It needs to be eradicated.

Those little delicate hands,

With a heartwarming sensation,

Sometimes with heavy loads of goods,

Container of stuffs, near construction sites,

Their hands dirty with grease and paled faces,

Also, when seen on shops, roadsides,

Nor merrily buying favourites,

Neither happily roaming around,

They working, day and night, all time,

Sometimes washing dishes, leftovers,

Or sometimes under the wrath of the owner,

Who pays him not as much for a stomach,

But, takes away his childhood fun,

Were not born to live like that, not the fate too,

But, all are equal, the rights we all talk about,

The age which brings the comic books,

Have now the heavy machines around,

The dusty air, contaminated water,

Moreover, poor health, some alone,

Some with families too but, none helps,

Already accepting that life, not to be lived,

That should not be done, innocence

Not be used as labour, those having the pens,

Powerful and generous, raise the voice,

Against what not acceptable, if not now,

When, after losing several talented hands,

Under the influence of inhumane beings.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

Have a Nice Day.

Happy Living!❤