Quote- 6

Today’s quotes series is on journey and beginning.

1- My previous efforts made me considerably abundant. Now I streak for the next milestone as it’s a new beginning- Anvi.
2- Since the day you walked away, I didn’t write in the journal which had your pictures. I bought a new one to record chronicle of my beginning with people who made me feel better- Anvi.
3- I have already checked the to-do of a sticky note. With satisfaction and self belief, I delay not to create another one- Anvi.
4- There prevails my destination. Sometimes, it appears too far when I am not willing to walk more. Sometimes it seems too close when my determination is at the peak. It’s all static, I know it is, I have a promise to keep– Anvi.
5- Every journey has a story with an onset and the verge, the motive is the cause and the result is a consequence. The turning points enhance one’s willingness to carry on the quest, and  convey distinction among countless of them– Anvi.
6- It might appear difficult to walk further, but in reality, there’s always a way around. It’s only the uncertainty that hinders our vision- Anvi.

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Happy Living!!❤


Kick-start your steps today
In quest of who you are
To opt for a destination
It’s uncertain tomorrow
There’s just now.

Adore your strengths
Have a pact with weakness
Act for good in life’s fest
Win over dark world inside
And irradiate love.

Accept your mistakes
Learn to live from them
Ignore judgements of folk
Who gossip at your back
And inhibit your growth.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

Thank you for reading. Have a Nice Day.

Happy Living!!❤