Forever Lovers

Blowing together the burning candle
Their names shining on chocolate cake
He offers the bigger piece to her,
And sings soothing song in feeble voice.

With the tears filled eyes
They gaze at their wedding album,
Now, their vision seems hazy,
But, love as true as before.

The grip of her hands weaker than heart,
Her smile highlights wrinkles,
His same old loving glance on her,
He holds her hand and feels fortune.

She rests her head over his shoulder,
And gets a kiss planted on forehead,
Flashes a world of memories,
A journey they worth traverse.
©Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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Enthusiastic for the plans,
Wishes of heart and dreams of life,
Moving with perseverance to succeed,
I have reasons to try,
I am not scared to fail.

I could not foresee the future,
That’s fine, I idolize the present,
Life surprises like a jerk from behind,
I slip off a cliff, faith saves me,
Strengthens my essence, I rise again.
©Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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Quotes- 23

They keep on finding flaws in others until they don’t find one in themselves–Anvi
Some stories do not have heroes or villains, they are just the different routes of finding oneself–Anvi
Hope is that window which is always accessible to life but not everyone notices it–Anvi.

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The paints had become dull
Spider webs blocked the entrance
And the broken window glasses.

Walking in the lane of memories,
I glanced at the dwelling
Which once had us.

Energetic commitments,
Endeavouring connections,
Distant from the present.

It was not welcoming,
The keys were lost long ago
Bits of us, I longed to see.
©Aditi Anvita (Anvi)

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Image credit- William Hagerman