Shelves appear complete
Books educate evermore
Refine sharp minds.
©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

Books are the magical things which let one live many lives. They are the epitome of knowledge. They are the creatures, who silently narrate their stories. Having them, one can never feel lonely.

They are like peace in the time of chaos, happiness in the time of sorrows, love in the ocean of hatred.

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Quotes- 14

The people we choose to be with is a lot important. Sometimes just one affectionate person feels like the entire universe. Sometimes one person equals a complete society to darken one’s glow- Anvi.
Having a tiny circle of people is a lot peaceful. Why to have a crowd who either follow you blindly or try to limit you in their domain- Anvi.
People mostly tend to connect someone’s hobbies, interest and ambitions with money. They concentrate on the stuff which can be gathered but, they less appreciate the excellence which one embodies- Anvi.
Self-love is all about embracing the traits that constitute one’s essence. It sounds selfish to only those who never explored themselves to know why they are a unique creation of nature- Anvi.
Covers behind the faces. Why waste time in disclosing when one can just overlook them. Let the possessors carry their weights- Anvi.
Distancing from virtual world shows a little inclination towards the natural world. One needs to accept oneself, and also the way others are to feel the natural world- Anvi.

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World of Book

Unlock a book,
Dive into a distinct world,
The weaved imagination
Awaits for one’s visit.

Stirring curiosity,
Details emerge with pages,
Judge, predict and conclude.

Delightful narrator,
The unforgettable journey.
Incites the greatest impact.

Drenching in creativity,
Words are the brewed magic
They hold till the end and beyond.
©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

Thanks for connecting, reading and encouraging.