Canvas of Memories

Decorated memories on canvas of heart,
Closest of them act like the painting base,
Numerous others enhance intriguing space,
Complement each other as the lives start.

Memories are paints, symbols of emotion,
They aren’t spilled in random brush stroke,
Rather, people of different kinds provoke
Colors to manifest shapes in life’s motion.

They reside forever on the garnished sheet
Could the people recognize those patches,
Embedded with moments of their matches
Do they recall, long ago they did meet?
©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi)

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My feelings were the footprints,

On the lonely shore of your life,

Roaring waves erased my imprints.

In quest of them, I was left to strive.

You seemed to be a lost rover,

Among the scary woods, too dark,

I ran to save you and take over,

Bumped into rock, I got a painful mark.

In zeal of my flourishing emotions,

I hastily forgot to speculate and think,

Dedications didn’t match your notions,

And I rushed towards you in a blink.

With you, I thought I had eons to go,

When about to believe, fate said no.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

Sonnet- Fondness

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