Medley of Nature

Ultimate wonders of the world,

Not the monuments this time,

Destined to degradation and fall,

It’s diversity of a vast living sphere,

Sculpted variously through evolution,

Enigmatic micro invisible entities,

Cosmopolitan helping in any means,

Potential of destruction similar to war,

To giant predators who once inhabited,

Known from excavation of their imprints,

Magical phenomenal existence of world

Words never sufficient to elaborate,

Glamour of flowers valley nearby,

Vibrantly glowing colourful petals

Nurturing the bees, benefitting humans,

Seeping elixir from dark delicate soil,

Incomparable, selfless and vibrant nature,

Brilliant luminescence of a bright star

Responsible for a habitable domain,

Silver shiny moon enchanting lullaby,

Dreamy slumbering tired creatures,

Magnificence of numerous lives,

Threatened as exploitation do not cease.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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P.S.- Experimental poem, tried to incorporate science in poem🙂

Him in the Veil

One clear evenfall, on way back to home,
She speculated a dark figure around.

She felt tiresome or it was real,
She moved her steps towards it.

As she advanced,
The shape walked ahead too.

Everything was not a clear vision,
It appeared intriguing.

Finding it difficult to not follow,
She determined to check that fellow.

Few minutes later, it became static
And crouched itself on a tree trunk.

Besides the unknown figure,
She sat down fixing her eyes on it.

He appeared peculiar,
He wore a veil on his invisible face.

“It’s your turn today to rewind past”
A male voice uttered in the silence.

“What should I tell you and why?”
The curious woman questioned him.

“I am your close acquaintance,
for one last talk, will fade away in dark”

He firmly asserted the puzzled face
so that she could trust him.

“I just survived an ordinary life
And dedicated to my family.

Following the norms, they told me
Since, my childhood.

Forced to live within some limits,
As world seemed too unsafe to be free.

Waiting for a day, I could move out
Into the world of my dreams.

Breaking the chains of society
Which suppressed me”

The veiled figure laughed out loud,
“You could do anything from now”

Till then she didn’t know his name,
Folks called him time.

She became as light as air, no blood and flesh, Leaving behind luminescence, she vanished.

Her notions lingered inside unsaid,
And lived an incomplete life.

Living into the fears, she reached
The last moment of her existence.

Since the evening, she wasn’t alive,
Her soul was exiting the Earth.

Time, universal and limited for all,
She persisted her life span and left.

The clock, it waited for none
Just continued in its flow.

Speculating birth of living beings
And then, engulfing everything.

His one message for every woman,
“Queen!! Start living from now”.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

Thank you for connecting with my blog and encouraging me to write more.

Would love to get your feedback.

Happy Living!❤

Where did he go?

In the diverse regions of Earth,
Numerous life, nature brings forth.

Long time back lived an inhabitant,
Form the desert, resources not scant.

His group roamed in a caravan,
Their entire life-span.

They halted on speculating an oasis,
Their ultimate supporting basis.

That sustained them for a limited time,
For that guy, short duration was not sublime.

He believed in the  perks of plains,
Cultivated there, were adequate grains.

His opinion of shifting from that place,
Was never an option for his race.

Violating what the others asserted,
He eluded from them, even if it hurted.

He traversed the arid sandy region,
To a destination, distant from his legion.

He overcame a deadly sandstorm,
Battled a barren landform.

That moment, he recalled his tribe left behind,
Was easier to overcome with his humankind.

He made his way by utilising his brain,
Remained persevering through his pain.

Outlying then, a mountain stood staring,
In intention of questioning his daring.

When he had courage, not mortal,
Bowed down the massive hurdle.

Accompanied hardship of ascent,
Comparatively, easier the descent.

Analogy of bitter efforts for success,
Advanced successive progress.

His checkpoint looked closer now,
But, didn’t lose his enthusiasm anyhow.

Across the cold untamed stream,
Situated his longing dream.

Traversed the stream into unseen land,
His accomplishment appeared so grand.

Welcomed by fields of exotic plantation,
Colourful flowers with incredible sensation.

The folk apprehended sound of money,
To fulfill life, required to spend penny.

Accommodated in one of the housing,
As he appeared, to them quite doubting.

He endeavoured, dripping in sweat,
To pay off his long-term debt.

Reminded with the notion of harmony,
How his clan lived in the synchrony.

So different were those strangers,
Similar to the unnamed dangers.

Where did he just reach?
What left for life to preach?

Should have survived initial condition
Or had exactly targeted his ambition.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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