Quotes- 30

All my efforts were the branches with blossoms of love, completely inclined towards you– Anvi.
I was that one flower with no fascination, it would only blossom for just your glimpse– Anvi.
I preserved every flower that you gifted me, and you hated the dried petals, some pages remained abandoned with the burden of bitter memories– Anvi.
Nobody can prove the authenticity of the emotions that rarely come out with words, and remain confined to sweetest corners of the heart, they just need to be felt– Anvi.

Forever Lovers

Blowing together the burning candle
Their names shining on chocolate cake
He offers the bigger piece to her,
And sings soothing song in feeble voice.

With the tears filled eyes
They gaze at their wedding album,
Now, their vision seems hazy,
But, love as true as before.

The grip of her hands weaker than heart,
Her smile highlights wrinkles,
His same old loving glance on her,
He holds her hand and feels fortune.

She rests her head over his shoulder,
And gets a kiss planted on forehead,
Flashes a world of memories,
A journey they worth traverse.
©Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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Quotes- 18

Love is a string which connects two hearts, only if there’s the willingness to embrace one of the ends.
Indelibly magical is the surge of uplifting emotions that a single glimpse of loved ones creates.
When the heart opens its windows, enormous love enters in for every speck of hatred moving out.
There’s a funny thing about love, it is mostly likely to greet you in loneliness and also it leaves you alone.
Your goodbye is like the setting sun, I know you have to return.
When I first saw you, I sensed that my heart has has got complementing heartbeats. Now that recalling you makes me feel so empty, I wish if I could forget that glimpse.

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Ocean of Time

The time resembles an ocean,
On its surface, I savour the air,
The sunshine and feel humbled,
Much substantial the present is.

I dive deep down to revisit
Integral instances left behind,
And the charms of affection,
I recollect sweet memories.

Close to depth, I recall
A novice in childhood,
Who needed many attempts
To achieve simple stuff.

Bubbles of remembrances,
Deliver courage and positivity,
I revert with an abundance of them,
And proceed to drift ahead.
©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

Painting by- Eric Zener.

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P.S.- Before sharing this post, I recalled that I have portrayed the ocean both as love and as time (Maybe that my fondness for the ocean). Do read the other poem too.

Canvas of Memories

Decorated memories on canvas of heart,
Closest of them act like the painting base,
Numerous others enhance intriguing space,
Complement each other as the lives start.

Memories are paints, symbols of emotion,
They aren’t spilled in random brush stroke,
Rather, people of different kinds provoke
Colors to manifest shapes in life’s motion.

They reside forever on the garnished sheet
Could the people recognize those patches,
Embedded with moments of their matches
Do they recall, long ago they did meet?
©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi)

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I shed my tears,
distant from world
your last words,
I won’t forget.

I burned myself
amid flames of anger
the blazing letters,
I won’t forget.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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One liners

Heart in 4 Words

Universal Abode of Peace

Opportunity in 4 Words

Time to implement efforts.

Anger in 4 Words

Enemy residing within us.

Home in 4 Words

Here everything becomes easy.

Darkness in 5 Words

Any hindrance to favourable prospect.

Kindness in 5 Words

You can count on me.

Hope in 5 Words

The other way is there.

Night in 5 Words

Silence chatters about the day.

Love in 5 Words

Delightful immortal feelings of heart.

Peace in 6 Words

When instinct feels clear and precise.

Music in 6 Words

Sense my thoughts spinning on beats.

Memories in 6 Words

Alive in heart, moments of past.

Wait in 7 Words

I hope you appear with next knock.

Achievement in 7 Words

Ultimate possessions that efforts crave to have.

Love in 7 Words

Feel me close to yourself in hardships.

8 Words Prediction

Lessons and experience will enhance value of life.

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