Quotes- 26

We all have been defying out beliefs, thoughts and aspirations but, we watch only when others do it- Anvi.
If everyone starts loving, there wouldn’t be hatred, if everyone becomes fair there wouldn’t be any wrongdoings. Since, thinking that everyone will follow the reasonable aspects is a wastage of time, one can be the change that is wanting in others– Anvi.
When one starts embracing the importance of changes, the aspects become relatively better and reasonable– Anvi.
Some relationships don’t need conversations or discussions, prediction or preconceptions, they just need faith– Anvi.

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Quotes- 24

Incomplete stories are the pieces of a puzzle that one cannot solve even after having the clues– Anvi
Goodbyes are often full of ways for new connections and opportunities for understanding oneself– Anvi
Some stories are dull of adventure and fun, suppressing the gloomy scenarios, they evoke positive attitude for life– Anvi
I can’t stay away from the aspect of life having the voids still exploring their purposes to absorb something worth retaining– Anvi

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A face greets with hello
Mind scans frames of glimpses
For clues to approaching fellow,
If they belong to life’s premises.

It’s a scrapbook of emotions
The play button of memories,
A weaved trail of notions,
Paper with true stories.
©Aditi Anvita (Anvi)

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Lagging Humans

The exhausting scorching sun
The beings expect cooling shade,
May the humble trees show up.

The sky drizzles for long,
Puddles of mud emerge around
Hope the weather gets well soon.

Circumstances alter suddenly,
One has to change frequently
The cycle continues.

The time expects acceptance
Nature preaches adaptability
Where’re the humans lagging!
©Aditi Anvita(Anvi)

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