Quotes- 32

We all are the stories entirely incomplete without each other, completely united with each other.
We all are the fragments of a chronicle,
written long ago by the universe.
Life is a story that we write with outer actions,
But, we never know the end.
Some stories do not have heroes or villains,
They are just the different routes of finding oneself

– Anvi

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Looking into heart

If we could look into each other’s heart,
Would we be angry for having to watch one’s mistakes or neutralize them with apology, love and care.
Would we be just looking only in the chambers made for us or be peeping into others.
Would we be honest enough to accept the reality or use filters.
©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi)

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Quotes- 29

The crackers of one’s happiness might burn the other houses, still we tend to forget the darkness in the things which lights us up– Anvi.
The people close to our hearts are the windows, they protect us from biting cold hatred, let the good vibes come in, expand our vision and curiosity for the outer world, and make our lives breathable– Anvi.
Silence is more beautiful than the words which become regret and the sources of grief– Anvi.
Peace begins with gratitude for the possessions that one has today and the acceptance of the fading connections– Anvi.


They come forward for help
Yet step back in dark,
They deprive others of truth
Yet anticipate modesty,
They drag others down
Yet aspire for the heights,
They own the mockery,
They know how to laugh,
You just continue to trust
The energy counting on you.
©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi)

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Quotes- 28

The act of forgiving others is a magic that lowers the burden of estrangements and creates more space for love to expand its reach– Anvi.
In life, nothing just vanishes all of a sudden, the things gradually become less significant, the people gradually become remembrances– Anvi.
Days end but they leave a never ending cascade of feelings for the instants, which chose one to connect with– Anvi.
Life often questions the answers that we find for it– Anvi.

Life goes on

Welcoming faces
Communicating praises
Accepting reality
Promoting morality.

Becoming immune
Feeling fortune
Thanking people
Approaching in trouble.

Analyzing missteps
Realizing mistakes
Eliminating aversion
Embracing affection.

Dreams fly high,
Moments pass by,
Achieving landmark
Illuminating life’s spark.
©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi)

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Quotes- 27

Cleanliness is not only about tidying the rooms and surrounding, it’s also about eliminating series of unwanted thoughts from mind and replacing vengeance with forgiveness– Anvi
Sometimes,it’s difficult to cool down the fireball of thoughts within one’s head, especially when the world around ignites it more. One opts to walk away, no matter if regarded as ignorant–Anvi.
One has to feel pain as it’s the feeling which enables to explore the inner self. At the joyous moments, one rarely has the time to reflect– Anvi

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