The moments of happiness,
Never stay at the same place,
They are the explorers of universe
They visit every spot.

The days of happiness
Combat with negativity,
They are the magical beings
They surprise every face.
©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi)

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Quotes -22

Life is a mirror that one glances at to identify themselves, accepting the patches of mistakes that fetched shining bright changes.

The only quote for today’s series, would try creating a better collection.

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Quotes- 21

Let the broken heart heal at its pace, forcefully imposing feelings will cause harm.
It’s the love, which breaks down the walls of ego to let one see feelings in clarity.
The book of my life is incomplete without the chapter, which includes you.
Love is a thorn that scares betrayal, it’s a tendril that supports life.

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Quotes- 17

Peace alleviates when it’s arduous to overcome the entangled thoughts undermining our thinking capacity.
When nothing favourable happens, there’s something out of sight to be taken into account.
Misunderstandings are the thorns because of which we fail to approach the blossoms of true emotions.
Believe in yourself there’s no better alternative, create a life that you yearn for and be strong enough to endorse what’s right.
Countless of life supporting spheres would be present in the universe. One day we will succeed in inhabiting one of them meanwhile, we need to protect the suffocating humanity.
The stories that we craft are the manifestations of reality to be comprehended by readers.

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Quotes- 13

1- The best thing which can be gifted is a book. It is permanent, unforgettable, forever teacher and creates a life worth living- Anvi.
2- Nights are always beautiful, sitting under the glowing moon and the flickering stars, I ponder over the stuff of the day and none interferes in silences- Anvi.
3- In the end, you realise that life gets easier when the people around want the best of you- Anvi.
4- Exploring the way to my dreams, I advance with a book in my hands. It’s a forever companion to count on- Anvi
5- It’s only at night that the cascade of reflections gushes out and the chaos of day fills the journal pages- Anvi.

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Quotes- 10

1- Mesmerizing nature overpowers the melancholy of heart to save it from shattering apart- Anvi.
2- The place and time could be new but one needs the previous life lessons to survive in most of the hardships- Anvi.
3- Love is that flower without which the garden of life remains incomplete- Anvi.
4- When I look at myself in the mirror, I hope to see a better version of myself in the next glimpse- Anvi.
5- Life is a beautiful art of letting go things which you can’t control- Anvi.
6- Even the smallest living creature enhances the beauty of nature- Anvi.
7- Mysteriously simple nature,
It has a lot of words to convey,
so it approaches beings in silences,
only if one could ever feel and

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Quotes- 9

The wind knows how the aroma of your goodness pleases those who breathe in it- Anvi.
Don’t let stress win over your soul, fight with them and just play cool- Anvi.
Perhaps I am made to solace and adore the book crouching over the table, whose pages gets turned by the blowing wind. I am made to garnish the blank tedious sheets, layered with freaky dust as busy in virtual world none looks at them- Anvi.
Whenever I feel like I am full of enthusiasm, I accept the challenge ahead and begin my quest- Anvi.
I just wish that you shine like the moon among the stars of reasonable deeds- Anvi.

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Quotes- 8

More in quote series.

1- Night has been always there to ponder over the things which didn’t happen in the way they should. It has been also there to actively plan the next day, moments are mostly uncertain but, one shouldn’t let it invade one’s sense– Anvi.

We have to choose between these two. It’s our choice that determines how the next day is likely to be.

2- From my rooftop, I look at the sky, it’s vast but, still a tiny portion of universe. Having just a little of knowledge shouldn’t make me arrogant as there’s still a lot unknown- Anvi.

I have mostly seen people turning into arrogant souls, you would have too.

3- Nights are never too short to read out the words which consequently make you a better person- Anvi.

I try to read some good inspirational books or articles or anything before sleep invades my sense, and I see betterment in me.

4- The night never waits for the stars and moon, or enters on it’s own instantly at the specific time, it was made to. Why should we crave for others to bestow us a smile?- Anvi
5. As the clock strikes 12, a new day starts, new plans crave their way, people are destined to meet and new incidents are planned to happen, everything seems to be still but, it’s the time when there’s greatest chaos- Anvi.

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Open your heart, create enormous space for the people constantly using their efforts to raise you from abyss of hatred to compassion–Anvi.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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