Quotes- 38

Love is that flower without which the garden of life remains incomplete- Anvi.
In the garden of your life, be like the fragrance of flowers. Let your compassionate actions spread happiness around- Anvi.
When the new morning knocks in one’s life, some fresh thoughts should greet it in and some handful of love should make it bright- Anvi.

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Let’s create a space where
The sun awakes in integrity,
And the darkness never scares.

There’s nothing troublesome
Which haunts the solitary mind,
And reflections, not illusioned.

The flowing rivers sing
About life in generosity
Credible like clarity of streams.

The grassy broad meadows
Captivates the drowsy eyes
Erases monotony.
©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi)

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I am very pleased to announce that this poem got selected for an anthology, PS: It’s Still Poetry by a poetry platform called Poetry Soup.

Past Leaves

the past leaves,
but it leaves

an open corridor towards
organized gallery of moments
that rewind in idle time.

an opportunity to
lay new sequences of steps,
better than the older ones.

a chance to reconnect
with existing instant
and realize its virtue.

©Aditi Anvita (Anvi)

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Happiness is the most awaited guest
Whose infrequent visit is transient
Aspires to complete a wondrous quest
Its diverse believers are ambient.

It loves to play hide and seek
Knocks at door then, settles behind tree
Some shut their doors, there’s none to speak
In curiosity, some step out to see.

It’s a cheerful hello from stranger,
A cute smile communicated by beings,
One overlooks kindness in anger,
Or with zeal accepts all the offerings.
©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi)

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Quotes- 17

Peace alleviates when it’s arduous to overcome the entangled thoughts undermining our thinking capacity.
When nothing favourable happens, there’s something out of sight to be taken into account.
Misunderstandings are the thorns because of which we fail to approach the blossoms of true emotions.
Countless of life supporting spheres would be present in the universe. One day we will succeed in inhabiting one of them meanwhile, we need to protect the suffocating humanity.
The stories that we craft are the manifestations of reality to be comprehended by readers.

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Notes from Space

I have painted my dreams
On sparkling textures,
In the infinity of universe,
The galaxies have whispered,
They wish to adopt some shades.

My caroling heart
Has recited its poems,
Effusing benevolence,
Stellar vibrations have revealed
They wish to entail those rhythms.

I have drawn a precise map
With checkpoints of my life,
On the clarity of cloudless sphere,
It cherishes the printed route
And shines with bliss.
©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi)

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I walk I repeat

Miles to go ahead
I do not wish to look back
I walk I repeat.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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Quotes- 10

Mesmerizing nature overpowers the melancholy of heart to save it from shattering apart- Anvi.
Mysteriously simple nature,
It has a lot of words to convey,
so it approaches beings in silences,
only if one could ever feel and
Even the smallest living creature enhances the beauty of nature- Anvi.

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Quotes- 8

Night has been always there to ponder over the things which didn’t happen in the way they should. It has been also there to actively plan the next day, moments are mostly uncertain but, one shouldn’t let it invade one’s sense– Anvi.
From my rooftop, I look at the sky, it’s vast but, still a tiny portion of universe. Having just a little of knowledge shouldn’t make me arrogant as there’s still a lot unknown- Anvi.
The night never waits for the stars and moon, or enters on it’s own instantly at the specific time, it was made to. Why should we crave for others to bestow us a smile?- Anvi
As the clock strikes 12, a new day starts, new plans crave their way, people are destined to meet and new incidents are planned to happen, everything seems to be still but, it’s the time when there’s greatest chaos- Anvi.

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Quotes- 5

Even when the drops of the river which quench the thirst of countless beings are in sparse amounts, there are ample salty oceans, maybe just to convey the significance of plausible stuff to be done in less time over to unacceptable deeds we should not involve in.
Negative thoughts are always busy deteriorating your perseverance to achieve but, they should not bother you.
Don’t judge someone so quickly that you break relations easily
(Judgments weaken relations, understanding binds).
Don’t trust anyone so blindly that you break yourself badly
(Trust simplifies relations, over of it belies).