Quotes- 5

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  1. Even when the drops of river which quench the thirst of countless of beings is in sparse amount but, there are ample salty oceans, maybe just to convey the significance of of plausible stuff to be done in less time over to unacceptable deeds we should not involve in.
  2. Negative thoughts are always busy deteriorating your perseverance to achieve but, they should not bother you.
  3. Don’t judge someone so quickly that you break relations easily (Judgments weaken relations, understanding binds).Don’t trust anyone so blindly that you break yourself badly (Trust simplifies relations, over of it belies).
  4. The sun makes me believe that setting down and rising up is an important part of one’s life.
  5. As you wake up each morning, stick to the plans for the day and live a life with purpose.
  6. Running behind insubstantial things worth not living as success awaits there, where you fixed your goals.
  7. Set yourself free from the trivial burden of past.
  8. When you invest moments for yourself , make sure the time is not ruined pondering over the stuffs which hurt.

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