Sky of Love

Numerous stars, sky beautifies,
Looking at them, I spent the night,
They resemble your gleaming eyes,
I admire the captivating sight.

Your presence illuminates me
Showers the meteors of love,
All my wishes dazzle with glee
Like the constellations above.

Coinciding with phases of the moon,
From hello to eternal devotion,
Our united senses now attune,
Time took us closer to the emotion.

Your crescent smile, the worries melt,
Your heart is my life’s sky, I felt.
©Aditi Anvita (Anvi)

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Feelings of Love

True sentiments, confined not to promise,

Till the supreme minute ceases to exist,

Not the exemplary memoirs, a novice,

In unrivaled heart, emotions persist.

Togetherness not limited to intent,

Analogous to greed that rarely refrain,

Guiding crucial steps at time of assent,

And embraces to undermine the pain.

There’s showering in innocuous hearts,

One accelerates similar to intense flame,

Smashing agony of darker past departs,

There flourishes unique immortal name.

The ardent quest of life for honesty,

Attains a genuine admirer of modesty.

©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi).

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Sonnet- Spring and Love

Here’s my first attempt on sonnet.

As spring arrives in, it’s all that blooms,

The birds chirp sweeter, amongst the trees,

As so are your thoughts like the fumes,

That I love to breathe, mixed in the breeze.

Like manifestation of buds, earlier apart

Embellishing an empty longing valley.

The fortunate perfect time of start,

And that when met we and been ally.

It appears and departs in a cycle of time,

Taking away the charms it’s desolation,

I carry your notable traces like of mine,

And I certainly write to you in admiration.

You are not only limited to spring,

Rather the pools of happiness you bring.

Hope you liked the poem.

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