Past Leaves

the past leaves,
but it leaves

an open corridor towards
organized gallery of moments
that rewind in idle time.

an opportunity to
lay new sequences of steps,
better than the older ones.

a chance to reconnect
with existing instant
and realize its virtue.
©Aditi Anvita (Anvi)

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Quotes- 8

Night has been always there to ponder over the things which didn’t happen in the way they should. It has been also there to actively plan the next day, moments are mostly uncertain but, one shouldn’t let it invade one’s sense– Anvi.
From my rooftop, I look at the sky, it’s vast but, still a tiny portion of universe. Having just a little of knowledge shouldn’t make me arrogant as there’s still a lot unknown- Anvi.
The night never waits for the stars and moon, or enters on it’s own instantly at the specific time, it was made to. Why should we crave for others to bestow us a smile?- Anvi
As the clock strikes 12, a new day starts, new plans crave their way, people are destined to meet and new incidents are planned to happen, everything seems to be still but, it’s the time when there’s greatest chaos- Anvi.

Thanks for connecting, reading and encouraging. Have a Lovely Day.

Quotes- 5

Even when the drops of the river which quench the thirst of countless beings are in sparse amounts, there are ample salty oceans, maybe just to convey the significance of plausible stuff to be done in less time over to unacceptable deeds we should not involve in.
Negative thoughts are always busy deteriorating your perseverance to achieve but, they should not bother you.
Don’t judge someone so quickly that you break relations easily
(Judgments weaken relations, understanding binds).
Don’t trust anyone so blindly that you break yourself badly
(Trust simplifies relations, over of it belies).