Quotes- 32

We all are the stories entirely incomplete without each other, completely united with each other.
We all are the fragments of a chronicle,
written long ago by the universe.
Life is a story that we write with outer actions,
But, we never know the end.
Some stories do not have heroes or villains,
They are just the different routes of finding oneself

– Anvi

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Quotes- 28

The act of forgiving others is a magic that lowers the burden of estrangements and creates more space for love to expand its reach– Anvi.
In life, nothing just vanishes all of a sudden, the things gradually become less significant, the people gradually become remembrances– Anvi.
Days end but they leave a never ending cascade of feelings for the instants, which chose one to connect with– Anvi.
Life often questions the answers that we find for it– Anvi.

Quotes- 27

Cleanliness is not only about tidying the rooms and surrounding, it’s also about eliminating series of unwanted thoughts from mind and replacing vengeance with forgiveness– Anvi
Sometimes,it’s difficult to cool down the fireball of thoughts within one’s head, especially when the world around ignites it more. One opts to walk away, no matter if regarded as ignorant–Anvi.
One has to feel pain as it’s the feeling which enables to explore the inner self. At the joyous moments, one rarely has the time to reflect– Anvi

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Quotes- 26

We all have been defying out beliefs, thoughts and aspirations but, we watch only when others do it- Anvi.
If everyone starts loving, there wouldn’t be hatred, if everyone becomes fair there wouldn’t be any wrongdoings. Since, thinking that everyone will follow the reasonable aspects is a wastage of time, one can be the change that is wanting in others– Anvi.
When one starts embracing the importance of changes, the aspects become relatively better and reasonable– Anvi.
Some relationships don’t need conversations or discussions, prediction or preconceptions, they just need faith– Anvi.

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Quotes- 25

When two people fall in love, even the crescent moon feels complete, and the sky is not dark– Anvi.
There love is a fallacy if they have to shrink themselves to fit into someone’s life– Anvi.
Love is an island, the hearts reveal it voyaging through the sea 9f belongingness– Anvi
When two people fall in love, they obtain a new perspectives of looking into themselves and the unique routes to their hearts– Anvi

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Quotes -22

Life is a mirror that one glances at to identify themselves, accepting the patches of mistakes that fetched shining bright changes.

The only quote for today’s series, would try creating a better collection.

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Quotes- 19

One needs to thrive in crowd to bring out the inner self.
Sometimes, the story characters are much relatable to one’s life, and they expect a happy ending for their contentment.
In the end, you only realize that life gets easier when, the people around want the best of you.

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Happiness is the most awaited guest
Whose infrequent visit is transient
Aspires to complete a wondrous quest
Its diverse believers are ambient.

It loves to play hide and seek
Knocks at door then, settles behind tree
Some shut their doors, there’s none to speak
In curiosity, some step out to see.

It’s a cheerful hello from stranger,
A cute smile communicated by beings,
One overlooks kindness in anger,
Or with zeal accepts all the offerings.
©️Aditi Anvita (Anvi)

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