Quote- 6

Today’s quotes series is on journey and beginning.

1- My previous efforts made me considerably abundant. Now I streak for the next milestone as it’s a new beginning- Anvi.
2- Since the day you walked away, I didn’t write in the journal which had your pictures. I bought a new one to record chronicle of my beginning with people who made me feel better- Anvi.
3- I have already checked the to-do of a sticky note. With satisfaction and self belief, I delay not to create another one- Anvi.
4- There prevails my destination. Sometimes, it appears too far when I am not willing to walk more. Sometimes it seems too close when my determination is at the peak. It’s all static, I know it is, I have a promise to keep– Anvi.
5- Every journey has a story with an onset and the verge, the motive is the cause and the result is a consequence. The turning points enhance one’s willingness to carry on the quest, and  convey distinction among countless of them– Anvi.
6- It might appear difficult to walk further, but in reality, there’s always a way around. It’s only the uncertainty that hinders our vision- Anvi.

Do let me know which quote you liked the most.

Thanks for connecting with my blog and encouraging to write more.

Happy Living!!❤

11 thoughts on “Quote- 6

  1. So amazing, Anvi!!!! You know I love your quotes and each post gets better and better!!! That second one is my favorite…you made the feeling very palpable!!! Amazingly done as always, my friend 🖤🤗✨

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