Quotes- 13

1- The best thing which can be gifted is a book. It is permanent, unforgettable, forever teacher and creates a life worth living- Anvi.
2- Nights are always beautiful, sitting under the glowing moon and the flickering stars, I ponder over the stuff of the day and none interferes in silences- Anvi.
3- In the end, you realise that life gets easier when the people around want the best of you- Anvi.
4- Exploring the way to my dreams, I advance with a book in my hands. It’s a forever companion to count on- Anvi
5- It’s only at night that the cascade of reflections gushes out and the chaos of day fills the journal pages- Anvi.

I hope you liked the quotes. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your feedback to help me continue the quotes series.

Happy Living!❤

11 thoughts on “Quotes- 13

  1. Anvi!!!!! These quotes are amazing!!!! You always blow me away! I especially love the first one, so well done!!!! Keep these coming, you’re so inspiring!!! 🖤🤗

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  2. OMG!!! your quote series are always the best 😊😊😊 well done my friend. They were just phenomenal, my friend. Thank you Anvi !!!

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